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We made an apple pie last night and it was delicious. We did something a little different and added apple sauce to the mix. Wow, what a difference that made. It really made things moist and juicy.women and school: I know that you have heard about many scholarships for women in school. I think there are tons available. I also saw this page on their site too

Spa in Columbus Ga

SERMEDSPA has spa services for both men AND women. Whether you need a relaxing facial to set the tone for the week, a brow wax, fillers, or even body contouring, we can help!

Our appointments fill up pretty fast in the week, so just give us a call and let us know what times would work best for you.

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What do our clients say about us?


Thank you for your kind words Kathy!

“Loved the entire staff and the results…..I will definitely be back and I will recommend them to all my friends”

Thank you Lynn!

If you need to schedule a FREE consultation for any of our spa services.

We are an ELITE provider of Botox and rank #1 in the Nation in volume for the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial!

From general aesthetics to the highest quality anti-aging products to tattoo removal, we at SERMEDSPA are dedicated to helping YOU look and feel your best.

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Lice Removal Alpharetta

At Lice Happens Atlanta our goal is to safely and effectively rid your family of head lice using only pesticide-free products, so that your life can return to normal!

Not only do our experts use a comprehensive approach to our lice removal services, combining thorough, meticulous combing of the hair with our effective, non-toxic products to remove lice and nits, we guarantee our services 100%!

That means that you dont have to worry about those pesky pests, we get the job done the first time!

I combed and got rid of the lice but found no nits. Am I lice free?

Answer: Where theres smoke theres usually fire and where theres lice, there are usually nits. Not always, but you should keep on wet combing every few days just in case a missed nit turns into a unwanted bug. When you have been regularly combing for 2 weeks with no new bug sightings, thats when I think you can breathe a sigh of relief and reduce your combing to routine lice checking.+

Do Selfies Spread Head Lice? Take your best shot.

Are you creeped out by cautionary tales of kids getting head lice from group selfies? Some say the cultural phenomenon has reached new heights in popularity and originality, but the concern over selfie-spread lice takes it to new lows. Isnt it just like adults to spoil all the kids fun? Sheesh. If you are looking for lice removal Alpharetta , just give us a call!

Lice have a strong will to live. Head lice are highly contagious and they are, in fact, passed by head-to-head contact. There is a slight, though unlikely chance that shared pillows, hairbrushes and hats can facilitate their transfer. But the human scalp is not simply where head lice prefer to live, it is required for survival. Human heads are a lifeline. The louse will hold on for dear life rather than give up a wellspring of food to go on some haphazard search for better eats.

The louse is a wingless insect that cannot fly. It moves by crawling and cannot jump from person to person—or anywhere, for that matter! When paired with the low desire to move away from prime real estate, theyre not winning any marathons in the world of bugs. “Slow as a louse,” should be an expression more people use.+
By further educating our clients, not only are they getting the knowledge they need for prevention, they are SAVING in the long run by not having to re-treat!

Go here for more info:

If you or someone you know is in need of our services, give us a call, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Are you Failing Anatomy and Physiology?

When a student enrolls in anatomy and physiology, they have high expectations of doing very well in this class. However, for many people, this is not the case. In fact, a majority of people will drop out of this class the first two weeks and then the rest will follow all the way up until the cut off time that a particular college allows. This is why an anatomy and physiology study guide is so important. Often, a teacher will not connect with every single student and every student will not learn the exact way that the teacher is teaching. Some students are visual, some are audio, in some or a combination of the two. In this class, because many class periods are one hour or less, students are just taking notes and having to review them later.

This results in a lot of self teaching that may or may not be beneficial to every student. Again, for those students who have acquired an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them decipher some of this information, their grades will reflect this. The demand to get a high grade in this class is very important because some majors will require a student to pass this class with a letter grade of a C. or higher in order to enroll in anatomy and physiology II and subsequent classes beyond this.

The fact is, every anatomy instructor is different and every student will respond to their instructor in a different way. It has been known for many years that school only addresses one or two types of learning and for students that do not possess that type, they may be at a disadvantage unless they get an anatomy and physiology study guide that can help them wade through the information that is important which will in turn help them learn additional information that is supplementary to each concept.

The question is, where do students find a good study guide that can help them pass this class? To answer this question, has created a reference website that can help students find the help that they need when they are looking for a guide that can help them get a better grade in this class. More often than not, at least one to two hours per class period of studying is required in order to at least get a letter grade of a C.

But with the right guide, studying will be much easier and even fun for those who are currently struggling in this class.

Applying for No Essay Scholarships For Your College Education

If it seems like the cost of earning a college degree just keeps climbing higher and higher as each year passes, its not just your imagination. It really is. The cost, in fact, has increased by over 1,100 percent since 1978 according to a Bloomberg study, the year that records of college costs began. The cost of earning a college degree has increased much faster than other things such as general inflation, medical care, and even food. Today, aside from purchasing a home, earning a college degree is the single most expensive thing most people will spend money on in their lives.

Despite such depressing statistics, there are proven ways to lower the cost of higher education. Some people, for example, choose to go to a community college for the first two years of school and then transfer to earn their bachelors degree at another school. Still others make use of challenge exams in their degree plans such as CLEP, DSST, AP and others. Although these strategies can lower a persons total college bill substantially, it still leaves many thousands of dollars that have to be borrowed to graduate. Whats a person to do?

Good news: There is a way to obtain extra money for college that can dramatically lower and in some cases even eliminate your college expenses. That way is through no essay scholarships.

Scholarships are money that is given out to college students by various companies and organizations for meeting certain criteria. This money does not have to be repaid. It is not a loan. Many scholarships do require applicants to write essays of some kind stating why they deserve to receive the scholarships. These essays can be tedious and time-consuming to write. Because of this, it is often difficult to apply to many scholarships that have an essay component; it simply takes too much time and effort to do so.

No essay scholarships, in comparison, are very easy to apply for. If you meet the criteria of the organization awarding the scholarship, you simply fill out and submit an application and wait to see if you are chosen.

There are so many organizations that award these scholarships that if you spend enough time searching, you are sure to find one or more you qualify for. Some are merit based and will want to confirm your GPA while you may qualify for others for a variety of other reasons such as having membership in a certain organization, possessing a certain skill, or even something you may never have even considered, like having red hair or being left-handed.

Higher education planning can certainly seem daunting with the constantly-increasing costs. Rest assured, though, that there are ways to lower the costs and no essay scholarships are one of the best ways to accomplish this.


Solar Yes?

So anyway, I am not the most green person in the world and I hear a lot of people talking about the green, green, green and so I decided to not do it :)
How about that. NO, I like elecricity and not too concerned about the earth4nergy review sites that are out there. So much so, I have a video
to show you how electricity from the city has helped us :)

not sure what this has to do with anything, but I will put it here:

I guess finances can be a trouble sometimes. But so can too much bacon too!

If You Would Like To

Seeing that I a manager of a team in town it makes it very easy to make sure that all of the kids are where they need to be, needless to say, so anyway, I am hoping that in the recent years, I am able to get more done in less time. That will be fun if it works out. Anyway, I have to run and will cover a new site I found soon :

I also was able to locate them on their laser hair removal yelp page and spas in Columbus Facebook page

So anyway. No sure if any of our reader’s have kids, but we found this too, it looks like they are offering private schools in woodstock.


Coffee and Creamer

Creamer makes all the difference in coffee and I even use it in tea. I never thought of using it in tea, if you haven’t, you should try it sometime. Our group usually has coffee and tea for those who don’t drink coffee and let me tell you, both are normally pretty good there. Well, someone in our group offered me to try their tea and I noticed it was a little lighter than normal. Oddly enough, it was during my morning coffee that my youngest let me know that her head was itching and after checking her, I found out that she had lice.

So, reluctantly I tried it. It was great. I said, what’s in it. It was flavored creamer. Who would have known.We are taking our puppy to the vet for the second time in his life. He saw a vet prior to living with us, it was probably a vet at the rescue that we got him at. He will be getting some more shots today and probably won’t like us very much after wards. We’re hoping he’ll forget quickly unlike when you take a child to get their shots, boy do they remember, and they don’t ever forget. Come to think of it, I’m sure I haven’t forgotten those experiences either.

Why I Don’t Go to the gym

It’s so nice that they have workout videos now instead of having to go to the gym. There are many many reasons why this is so much more convenient. Number one, you don’t have to go into a strange place with a lot of strange people and work out inches away from someone you don’t know. This will also allow you to avoid the looks and stares of others also.

Besides my school is so busy, I rarely have time to do anything more than study anyway.

The other advantage is that you don’t have to drive, you simply wake up, go out into your living room and there you are. You are in your own home gym. It’s especially nice when it’s really cold outside and you don’t want to freeze.

School Outing

I went to a local fair with my group from school last evening and we had a blast. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in years. I can’t remember the last time I rode a roller coaster or one of those zipper rides that you sit in a cage and it spins you sort of like a ferris wheel does. It was a blast. The most fun ride, I think was the zip line, I had never been on one before. I was a little nervous at first, of course but once I saw some kids doing it, I figured what am I so afraid of? It was so excited. We ate waaayyy too much food then tried to ride on the twirly ride, probably not a good idea.  We had a great time though.  I will be going again maybe this weekend and I think that will go to the zip line first.

Some social accounts we are looking at , at school this next week.

The Last Time Machine

I think that if I had a time machine, I would really enjoy going through all of the events of the past. I guess a little like Back to the Future, which is one of my favorite movies. There are a few great movies, but I really enjoyed all three of those. They really spoke to me.

Here is the first trailer.

Now, think about this. Back to the future made a lot of predictions about the year 2015. Take a look to see what they got right! I am not sure they would have predicted that more people would need education and college money , but hey! You can be right 100% of the time!


Brownies and Wax Paper do not mix. So, a group of friends from consolidation loans for bad credit class and I decided we wanted a sweet treat during class and a few of us volunteered to make brownies. We took the cookie sheet out, placed some Wax Paper on top and placed it in the oven. We shortly realized that since we saw smoke that you shouldn’t use Wax Paper directly in the oven, which we concluded further by reading the packaging. Well, we failed on that attempt, and the worst part was, the brownies were no good. They tasted horrible. Not even like wax but like burnt grossness.

Peanut Butter

We made a new pizza the other day and I’ll have to say it was pretty good. It didn’t have hardly any carbohydrates as the crust didn’t have any flour in it. What was in it you say? Well, the crust was made out of cauliflower. Yep, that’s right, cauliflower. Believe it or not, it was crispy just like a regular pizza and it didn’t fill you up as much as having a dough for a crust.  You may not find this in teds woodworking review magazine but you will find it online in a healthy eating magazine.  Good stuff.


Grits are such a good and easy and inexpensive way to eat breakfast. Add some yummy eggs with a little bit of cheese and you are good to go. Or you can eat grits plain with a little bit of butter and salt and pepper. Some people even eat them with a tiny bit of sugar. However you like them they seem to fill you up and hold you over until your next meal. I like them best with butter and salt and pepper. It’s great to hold you over especially when you’re at an appointment like when I went to get free money for college and waited for what seemed like forever and didn’t know how long it would be until you are able to have lunch.


It feels so much better when I go to the gym. Sometimes I get really busy with work or school and get out of that routine, but then I also feel it. I’m much more tired and have less energy than when we go to the gym. I noticed that once I get back into the routine, it doesn’t take much to get used to it and it seems to get easier and easier to do. Not to mention, I’m starting to see the results, my clothes are fitting much better now.  This is as easy as easy scholarships to apply for, you just do it until it becomes easy.

Washing Machine

I am so glad to have a washing machine and a dryer in our new home. We came from a place where you had to either walk or drive your laundry to get washed. What a pain that was. I don’t think I even realized how much of a burden that was until I have one conveniently in our home.

I get things done so much more and more often and I don’t have to carry loads of wash back and forth, or deal with others messes. You almost need an anatomy and physiology study guide to figure out what goes with what with their messes.  I’m glad that’s over with.  Good stuff.


We are taking our puppy to the vet for the second time in his life. He saw a vet prior to living with us, it was probably a vet at the rescue that we got him at. He will be getting some more shots today and probably won’t like us very much after wards. We’re hoping he’ll forget quickly unlike when you take a child to get their shots, boy do they remember, and they don’t ever forget. Come to think of it, I’m sure I haven’t forgotten those experiences either.

One of the only experiences I wouldn’t want to forget is how I earned grants for single mothers. Now that’s something I am thankful for. Shots, not so much.


I am so excited that it’s Friday! It’s always nice to semi-relax on the Weekend after a long week of work at the credit card consolidation loans company and meetings and appointments and whatever else you have going on. It gives you a chance to unwind and relax and just get rid of the worries from the week. Not that we should have worries, but just a chance to reset. I’m not sure if we are going to do much this weekend, possibly just sit around and do nothing. Maybe watch a movie, eat some popcorn, make it a down day.

If I could do anything…

If you have not watched this video, it is absolutely hilarious! I remember watching Sesame Street a loooong time ago. I used to watch this show for hours on end. I also like to watch other shows on Nickolodean. I remember the green slime. If you have not seen this, then take a look at the video below. It is so funny to see this. When I was in school, I watched this show so often that when I was doing things, I thought that I was going to be slimed.

If you remember, then Ghostbusters came out then the green slime from the main character.

Sometimes when I read anything on an anatomy and physiology study guide, I feel like I have been slimed too!

The Little Things!

We are so very proud of our daughter, she is currently doing her schooling online at home. We are using the public curriculum which makes it a little easier for us as we work at home and don’t have an entire day to go over the curriculum ourselves. It is such a great thing that they offer to parents now a days, not like in times past where the mother sat at home and wrote her own curriculum.

It makes it much easier for all involved, especially when they get to the reading stage and they can start reading their assignments on their own. She is doing fabulously and is above the 90 percentile in her class. We are so excited for more things to come. I am hoping that if we can teach her better things, then she will not need consolidation loans for people with bad credit in the future. At least we hope.

Do We?

There are a lot of things that I really care about and one of things is people. I think that if we had more groups each year that helped people get on their feet, then we would have a very strong nation. That, and when we include churches and more organizations that are focused on getting people from point a to point b, then we may find ourselves in a better situation. But will we make a difference in everyone. Well, the story goes of a kid who said that he wanted to through all of the star fish in the water that washed up on shore and one person asked him how he would ever be able to make a difference, and upon hearing this. the boy said picked up a star fish and threw it into the ocean and said that he was able to make a positive difference in that one! I think that is wonderful and even when people try to apply for quick scholarships at my school and they try to write about different subjects, the people that we help, even if it is just one, we CAN make a difference!


When I travel, I like to make sure that I have a good time going to book. Lately, I have been reading about congress in the early 1800’s . I love this time of stuff. In fact, here is a great video on the different types of congress.

I really enjoyed going into this building. Something else I really enjoyed was going to the Smithsonian too. I have a video tour below that goes over this too.

The cool thing about this is that Ben Stiller is the one who is giving you an introduction to this wonderful place! I love it! Something else I have been reading about it consolidation loans for bad credit but, I am not sure about this one. I would day to major in finance, but we will see.

Something New

There have been quite a few things that I have been wanting to do lately. One is to really make a difference, so that when I am not here any longer, I can really help people who would like to get healed and be happy with what is going on in their life.

This is just one thing I have been thinking, so I think that I would be happy to know that I can easily make a BIG difference in people’s lives.

This is just a small excerpt. I will write more later.


I have always liked Bruce Lee. He has to be one of the most important fighters of all time. One of the ways that I like to emulate Bruce is to try to box pretty fast in the morning. I think this is a great way to expound on what I know. I also like Rocky,,,yea. I know he is not real, but I really enjoy watching these movies too.