If I could do anything…

If you have not watched this video, it is absolutely hilarious! I remember watching Sesame Street a loooong time ago. I used to watch this show for hours on end. I also like to watch other shows on Nickolodean. I remember the green slime. If you have not seen this, then take a look at the video below. It is so funny to see this. When I was in school, I watched this show so often that when I was doing things, I thought that I was going to be slimed.

If you remember, then Ghostbusters came out then the green slime from the main character.

Sometimes when I read anything on an anatomy and physiology study guide, I feel like I have been slimed too!

The Little Things!

We are so very proud of our daughter, she is currently doing her schooling online at home. We are using the public curriculum which makes it a little easier for us as we work at home and don’t have an entire day to go over the curriculum ourselves. It is such a great thing that they offer to parents now a days, not like in times past where the mother sat at home and wrote her own curriculum.

It makes it much easier for all involved, especially when they get to the reading stage and they can start reading their assignments on their own. She is doing fabulously and is above the 90 percentile in her class. We are so excited for more things to come. I am hoping that if we can teach her better things, then she will not need consolidation loans for people with bad credit in the future. At least we hope.

Do We?

There are a lot of things that I really care about and one of things is people. I think that if we had more groups each year that helped people get on their feet, then we would have a very strong nation. That, and when we include churches and more organizations that are focused on getting people from point a to point b, then we may find ourselves in a better situation. But will we make a difference in everyone. Well, the story goes of a kid who said that he wanted to through all of the star fish in the water that washed up on shore and one person asked him how he would ever be able to make a difference, and upon hearing this. the boy said picked up a star fish and threw it into the ocean and said that he was able to make a positive difference in that one! I think that is wonderful and even when people try to apply for quick scholarships at my school and they try to write about different subjects, the people that we help, even if it is just one, we CAN make a difference!


When I travel, I like to make sure that I have a good time going to book. Lately, I have been reading about congress in the early 1800’s . I love this time of stuff. In fact, here is a great video on the different types of congress.

I really enjoyed going into this building. Something else I really enjoyed was going to the Smithsonian too. I have a video tour below that goes over this too.

The cool thing about this is that Ben Stiller is the one who is giving you an introduction to this wonderful place! I love it! Something else I have been reading about it consolidation loans for bad credit but, I am not sure about this one. I would like..one day to major in finance, but we will see.

Something New

There have been quite a few things that I have been wanting to do lately. One is to really make a difference, so that when I am not here any longer, I can really help people who would like to get healed and be happy with what is going on in their life.

This is just one thing I have been thinking, so I think that I would be happy to know that I can easily make a BIG difference in people’s lives.

This is just a small excerpt. I will write more later.


I have always liked Bruce Lee. He has to be one of the most important fighters of all time. One of the ways that I like to emulate Bruce is to try to box pretty fast in the morning. I think this is a great way to expound on what I know. I also like Rocky,,,yea. I know he is not real, but I really enjoy watching these movies too.